Photographer. Russia
Max. 500 m
Aerial photography
16 – 31 of May 2016
The significance of the landscape in the history of art culture has been changing dramatically. Starting from a secondary role, it consistently takes a leading position becoming not only a main character but also an epic creative energy which is giving inspiration. Artists were attracted by inclusiveness of nature, its variability and specific character. In the beginning of the 20th century abstractionists, in their trying to find new forms of art, were denying to use natural scenes, sincerely thinking that to abstract from nature is the best way of a pure experiment and “non-imitation” of nature was considered to be a truly free art. It followed that natural and abstractive were believed to be opposing phenomena, mutually denying. But how wrong they were – it turns out that everything is about a vantage point.

“Perfect shot – is a discovery”. I believe, that is precisely the point of view of an artist with a keen eye who is indifferent. The project “On a height of a June Bug’s flight” has 2 creators: Maksim Tarasov and a drone «DJI Phantom 3» which became a real co-creator. Together they found out that a landscape could be abstract: recognizable and well-known images could be changed, childhood memories could be given with new colours, and commonplace things could become unique. Artistic potential of nature is unlimited but it’s so easy to lose sight of something magnificent and make an ordinary photo. In landscape photography not only technical capabilities of photographer are important but also his artistic point of view, passion and attention with which he captures his “model”. In this “dialogue” the way you are creating a piece of art loses its importance but in our case it plays a significant role. Thanks to a drone’s technical capacity and Maksim Tarasov’s ability to capture an unusual moment, we ‘ve got now the opportunity to see the world from the height of a June Bug’s flight and experience a new kind of contemplation. Perhaps, art can’t exist without nature – one of the sources of inspiration, and thanks to digital technology our experiments with visual images continue.
Anna Legotina